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Screenprinting Utubes

Gelatin Prints

carve rubber


PhotoEZ screen


Laser Decal

1page/1snip Booklet
Pyramid Box Template

Gelplate prints
Block Carving
*more coming! stay tuned!


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Instant Happy Notes :~)

looking for hard-to-find supplies?
a few of our favorite things ~

Templates for creating handmade paper, tags, envelopes, lamp shades

Tools and toys for papermaking, including pour molds etc.

Seed embedded Paper goods (sheets and cardsize stock, templates for boxes)

 holiday tags    ~  gift tags and gocco'd cards now viewable online

 Next up:
handmade cards and beautiful bookmarks! 
Ornaments - papercast, peacock feather, bright beads...

Rare and beautiful: porcelain and china, hand painted & fired functional & unique home decor.
Original art: works on paper, canvas and wood

 Sample our various and sundry  menu of     DIY tutes
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educational   !
entertaining !
a veritable treasure trove of tips for DIY fun

Looking for an arts activity, for you or your child?
Check out the menu: hands-on learning  Supportive guided instruction in drawing, painting, printmaking, clay and papermaking, bookmaking...

Classes and Workshops    
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     Original creations - gifts to go! at the    creative arts cafe shop 
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